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What Rosé wines can I enter?2022-06-06T08:00:46+02:00

Any still, sparkling or MCC wine that is rosé in colour and has been fermented in South Africa.

Can I enter a box wine?2022-06-03T14:55:34+02:00

Absolutely! The wines for this competition are being poured out of sight so no problem there. In recent years there have been canned wine entries as well.

Does the sugar level matter?2022-06-06T08:01:14+02:00

No, as long as the wine is rose in colour.

What if my labels are not ready?2022-06-03T11:35:36+02:00

Don’t worry, you can still enter. As long as the bottles are clearly identifiable on delivery.

Can I enter more than one label?2022-06-03T11:35:18+02:00


Does the vintage matter?2022-06-03T11:34:58+02:00


So to clarify, this is a Rosé wine competition for wines made in South Africa. Rosé wine, for the purposes of this competition, is a wine which has a pink colour. The shades can go from a pale tinge of soft salmon pink right through the spectrum to a vibrant hot pink. The wine can be made from any red grape from Pinotage to Pinot Noir and from Shiraz to Cabernet Sauvignon – there’s no limit.

For further information please see the terms and conditions.

If you are unsure about your wine entering this competition, please don’t hesitate to email. We’d be happy to help.

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