The Allan Mullins Award

Allan Mullins’ death in 2021 was a sad event for the South African wine industry.

His genial nature and incisive knowledge about all things wine is sorely missed by everyone who knew and worked with him. He was the judging panel chair of the Rosé Rocks wine competition since its inception in 2015.

Allan co-founded Rosé Rocks with us. He felt that, despite being a rapidly growing and appreciated wine category worldwide and in South Africa, it was one largely ignored by wine commentators and judging awards.

As the Panel Chair, his guidance and experience to our team of judges over the years was a privilege to witness and experience.

To honour his memory we announced The Allan Mullins Award in 2021, which will recognise the highest scoring rosé wine in the competition. Once again, in 2023, we will continue to commemorate Allan.


“I think it’s great having this award. Calling it the Allan Mullins Award is perfect, Allan’s name says it all.”
~ Therese Mullins